Why Us?

The High Five Literacy and Academic Coaching Advantage:

Expertise in Interventions That Work for Your Child – Many classroom teachers tutor after school for extra cash but continue to do the same thing and get the same results.  This is not intervention.

30 Years of Highly Specialized Training in Solid, Proven Methods – Others do not have the range of skills and strategies to adjust instruction and match the appropriate program to your child.

Continuous Assessment to Track Progress and Update Goals – You will never waste time or money.  There is always a cycle of diagnosing, planning, and tweaking to ensure your child advances and feels successful.

Specific, At-Home Exercises Mapped to Your Child’s Needs – Parents will always know the “WHY” behind what we do.  There will always be modeling so that you are comfortable reinforcing the strategies to build new neural pathways for learning correctly, while breaking habits that have not been productive.

Team Approach – High Five Literacy and Academic Coaching knows that Parents and Caregivers are essential to a successful outcome.  When the student feels supported, progress is faster and long-lasting.

Correct Pacing – We build skills slowly, with enough challenge to keep your child engaged.

“Learn HOW to Learn” – Your child will learn the importance of becoming a self-reflective learner, knowing what the best strategies are for memory and retrieval.

Independence is the Goal – The goal is to build skills and use the strategies automatically and consistently.  Once skills are mastered, and you and your child are confident, you will be encouraged to reduce the number of sessions and/or go on a maintenance support plan until you are ready to do it alone.  You are never strung along.