Executive Functioning Skills

Become AF-fluent™

Why is it that some people struggle to learn while others absorb lessons more easily?  It could be that some people simply require more time and practice to learn necessary skills and reach proficiency.  It could also be that the method being used to teach them is not systematic and explicit enough, leaving them confused or lost as they try to fill in gaps on their own.  However, struggling learners could also have underlying deficiencies in the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully.  Such people need to bolster their brain power.  At High Five Literacy and Academic Coaching, we offer exercises and tools specifically geared toward building focus, comprehension, memory, retrieval, retention of information, and organization.  Through our AF-fluent™ program, we offer brain-based strategies and stress reduction techniques through which all learners can become confident and learn to use time efficiently.

Do you want to be AF-fluent™?   Brain gears

At High Five Literacy and Academic Coaching, we believe in setting the stage for fluent learning by working on Attitude and Focus before content.  Studies show that one’s emotional state is extremely important when learning something new.  If one has a negative attitude and is fearful, the brain will not hold onto information easily.  In addition, the ability to focus is the key to having the perseverance to stick with something difficult.  Distracted learners who cannot focus on the task at hand and have trouble listening and following directions will appear unmotivated and will not get very far.  These prerequisite skills are not usually addressed in schools and, therefore, become barriers to success, even with the best teaching methods.

Who is this for?

AF-fluent™ training is for anyone who wants to develop strategies to optimize learning and improve academic performance by strengthening brain functioning.