Reading and Writing Remediation

Red Flags

Have you ever had the feeling that something was not right in your child’s development, but were not quite sure what it was?  Did you try to discuss this with your child’s teacher only to hear that you should “give it time” or “wait and see”?  Many parents see warning signs early on but don’t realize that it is indicative of a bigger problem.

Here are some red flags that you might have seen in your child:

*  Confusing sounds in spoken language

*  Delayed language

*  Difficulty hearing rhymes

*  Substituting or deleting sounds in words

*  Mixing up words and struggling to express him or herself

*  Difficulty naming colors, shapes, and objects

*  Articulation problems

*  Confusing letters in the alphabet

*  Writing letters incorrectly and difficulty forming letters and numbers

*  Delayed gross motor and/or fine motor skills

*  Difficulty with sequence (numbers, alphabet, etc.)

*  Difficulty making letter/sound associations

*  Difficulty with basic concept words and understanding opposites

*  Avoids drawing, scribbling, writing

*  Difficulty planning, organizing, and staying on task

As your child got older, you might have noticed these signs and symptoms of a language-based disability:

*  Guessing when reading aloud

*  Omitting words, deleting sounds, adding or substituting parts of words

*  Mixing up small words such as “in” and “on,” “for” and “from,” “was” and “saw” or leaving those words out entirely

*  Difficulty reading long words and deleting or substituting syllables

*  Avoids reading and writing

*  Difficulty spelling and remembering letter patterns

*  Difficulty with grammar and syntax

*  Difficulty with capitalization and punctuation in writing

*  Handwriting is illegible and/or struggles to write

*  Reads slowly

*  Difficulty comprehending text (especially noticeable around 3rd or 4th grade)

*  Difficulty writing reports and essays

*  Attentional difficulties

*  Difficulty organizing and studying for exams

*  Anxiety related to schoolwork and homework

Although the signs may have been present as early as preschool, many parents are told that this is a developmental lag.  Follow your instincts and seek help as early as possible.  You know your child better than anyone else.