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My Very Important Parent/Person (MVIP™)

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Are you ready to be your child’s first and most important teacher?  High Five Literacy and Academic Coaching will work with you to give you the tools to be your child’s tutor and advocate. 

What are the benefits of an individualized MVIP™ package?

*  Your child will be assessed to establish a baseline of his or her present abilities and see which age appropriate skills have not been mastered.

*  You will receive an individualized action plan to know where to begin and a list of resources to help guide you.

*  Your educational consultant will meet with you and coach you on how to use the materials and program effectively to meet your child’s needs.

*  You will learn and understand the logic behind what you do and will be able to impart this knowledge to your child.

*  You will have access to a highly-skilled educational consultant via telephone and/or email who can answer your questions and walk you through the intervention process.

*  Your child will be reassessed at an agreed upon date, and then you can decide if you would like to purchase another package or go on a maintenance plan.

*  You will be empowered with a set of skills and strategies that can be used with more than one child.  This cost-effective approach is a win/win for the entire family!

*  With so many after-school activities, it is difficult to have your child commit to regularly scheduled tutoring sessions.  For some parents and caregivers, it is easier to go for the training themselves.

Who is this for?

Parents and caregivers of struggling students, parents and caregivers of young children who would like to get off to the right start, and homeschoolers who would like a certified teacher ensuring that they are instructing their children correctly would all benefit from parent consultations and coaching.

**High Five Literacy and Academic Coaching is available to give MVIP™ presentations and workshops at PTA/SEPTA and other parent group meetings and events.  Special requests for topics of interest are welcomed.